In 2011, we were looking for the perfect shawl for our multi-brand store in Helsinki, Finland. After months of fruitless searching, we decided to create our own. And in that moment, Santosh was born. 

Today, our collection consists of a wide array of garments for both women and men. Designed in-house and made from the world’s finest Cashmere, sourced directly from the herders on the Mongolian tundra. The garments are then spun, dyed and manufactured in our factory in Ulaanbaatar under rigorous ethical, sustainable and social standards. 

As cashmere is a highly durable fabric, Santosh products are high-quality and long-lasting, which correlates with our desire for slow-fashion that defies wasteful consumerism. The world needs less wear-and-tear and more high-quality products to ease the pressure on our environment. 

Santosh garments are made to be worn by women and men who value comfort, style and high quality without compromises.